Virtually Corrupt

A portfolio of a mad man's rambling thoughts on one of the most pointless things: video games


Hello there. You have stumbled across something special. Hmm, special might be an exaggeration, we should probably say vaguely interesting? Yeah, vaguely interesting is much more appropriate. Welcome to my vaguely interesting website that will act as a wonky table at a two-star restaurant, displaying an array of entrees, mains and deserts. However, instead of passable food ‘Virtually Corrupt’ will show-case an array of articles and videos, that will serve as pure stodge – filling you up with nothing nutritious but making it feel like it has.

So, ‘who the fuck am I?’ I am Noah Graham, born in the UK and moved over to New Zealand when I was 10-years-old. Since I can remember, I have had an unhealthy investment in video games which has immersed me in thousands of hours in various virtual worlds, been the crux of most of my long-lasting friendships and countless dead arms from my brother as I allegedly ‘button-mashed’ my way to victory in Tekken Tag Tournament on the Playstation 2.

As for achievements I have done in real-life, I have trained and worked as a journalist for the past two and a half years for local papers in New Zealand, worked as a production assistant for Dunedin TV and host of the Virtually Corrupt Podcast, a straight which shoots interviews with developers right into your ears. So please, peruse my catalogue of written and video blogs about video games and send me an email with any questions. Cheers!